The Plague of God


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The Plague of God immerses the reader in a thrilling, contemporary adventure and a medieval tale of murder and greed, the plots connected by a dangerous secret, its characters menaced by the bloodiest weapon of all time: the power gold holds.

Timothée de St. Clere, a baron in present day Germany, is forced to sell his family property. Both emotionally and financially ruined, he succumbs to the whispered promise of a fabled treasure and begins a dangerous quest while, pursued and opposed at every turn by a maniacal politician, realizing that friendship and love are his only lifelines.

Centuries earlier, Bera Haraldsdatter, a shieldmaiden to Godfrid the Dane, realizes the terrible mistake she made in joining the merciless warlord who smeared a trail of blood from the rocky shores of the North to the dark forests of Eastern Francia. Enlivened by the desire for peace and by a maternal passion, she decides to protect the lives of three children and finds herself alone, defying the entire Viking army.

The Plague of God (Part 1 of the Sword Shatterers series) is an enthralling mix of historical epic, modern-day thriller, and romance. It reminds us that while greed and gold may drive us, what finally matters is the importance of family and the centrality of love.